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10 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Warehouse in Mississippi

The contents of this article do not constitute financial or investment advice. To find a solution tailored to your needs, reach out to our team of commercial real estate professionals.  

If you are contemplating investing in a warehouse in Mississippi for your business, you are not alone. Demand for warehouse space is on the rise in the Magnolia State, with the Jackson industrial market now spanning 40 million square feet. But if you’ve never purchased warehouse space before, you may not know where to start.

The good news is that the selection process is easier than it may seem. The key to choosing the best warehouse for your operations is to reach out to an experienced commercial real estate professional who can help you evaluate local prospects. Additionally, it’s a good idea to consider the ten factors below as you compare available options.

1) Size

Size is perhaps the single most important variable to consider as you launch your search. Ideally, the warehouse you secure should be large enough to comfortably accommodate your inventory, equipment, and employees, while providing room for growth. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • How much space will you need for employee workstations?
  • What type of clearance is required for cranes and other loading and lifting devices?
  • How much, if any, inventory do you plan to store in your warehouse?
  • What are your plans for growth or expansion in the next 1-5 years?

2) Cost

The cost of warehouse space tends to increase along with square footage, amenities, and location. Many first-time warehouse buyers are surprised to see how much money they can save by choosing a location that’s rather far from popular business centers and industrial parks. But before you commit to a warehouse that’s off the beaten path, remember you want to remain accessible for employees, clients, and visitors. Additionally, you’ll want to inquire about any taxes you will owe, as this may ultimately influence your decision.

3) Loading and Receiving Docks

If you receive or ship freight several times per day, you will need a warehouse with at least one loading dock – preferably multiples. Otherwise, your pickups and deliveries could rapidly begin to stack up. If you already handle multiple incoming and outgoing shipments each day, it’s best to choose a warehouse with at least two loading docks – one for your incoming receivables and one for your outgoing orders.

4) Office Space Needs

Not all warehouses feature office space, so it’s important to take a few minutes to sit down and make a note of any employees who will require an office or cubicle. If the majority of your office staff works remotely, your breadth of options will significantly increase. Otherwise, you’ll need to choose a warehouse in Mississippi with existing office space or gather the resources to build interior offices on your own.

5) Accessibility

Fast, timely deliveries are a must in today’s world of impatient consumers. While there may always be a few variables beyond your control, you can help ensure that orders are received and shipped on time. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to choose a location that is not too far from interstates and main thoroughfares. The less time your orders spend in transit, the faster your customers will receive them.


6) Climate Control

Climate controlled warehouses offer a host of advantages. They help keep inventory from spoiling or becoming moldy, while also helping to preserve the integrity of your products and equipment. And with average high temperatures in Jackson often exceeding 90 degrees during the summer, you can help keep your employees cool by choosing a warehouse with climate control.

7) Security

As a business owner or operator, it’s up to you to provide a safe, secure environment for your employees and visitors. Some warehouses in Mississippi are already equipped with integrated LED emergency lighting, security systems, and alarms. Other facilities may have outdated security features or lack them entirely. An experienced commercial real estate agent can often provide recommendations in this area.

8) Parking

If you have a large fleet of vehicles you regularly use, or if you have a large number of employees who drive to work at your warehouse every day, you need to choose a site with plenty of parking available. Remember, you will also need to reserve some open spaces for clients and special visitors, so it’s better to overestimate the parking space you will need as opposed to underestimating your parking needs.

9) Proximity to Ports and Airports

Are you planning to expand your business internationally in the near future? Have you noticed that you are receiving more overseas products than ever? If so, proximity to airports, railways, and ocean ports is a huge plus. You may wish to consider a warehouse that is located on the south side of Jackson to help get your shipments to port faster. And if you handle a large number of small parcel shipments, it’s helpful to have a location near a UPS or FedEx facility.

10) Room for Growth

If you are like most Mississippi business owners, you are focused on growing your revenue and expanding your business. When evaluating warehouse options, make sure you aren’t overly conservative on the space you will need – especially if you anticipate significant growth. Also, if you plan to add new cranes or other industrial equipment over the next few years, make sure you select a space with plenty of overhead clearance and room to operate heavy lifting devices.

Finalizing Your Selection

Clearly, there are many factors to consider when choosing a warehouse in Mississippi for your business. The single best way to ensure you choose the best warehouse for your business is to contact us at Speed Commercial Realty. For over 17 years, business owners have turned to us for professional guidance when securing warehouse space.  

When you reach out to our team at Speed, you will receive the personalized guidance you deserve. Our team of licensed commercial real estate agents will take time to listen to your needs and discuss your budget. Then, we will present the warehouse options that will satisfy your business demands without breaking the bank. We look forward to helping you find a warehouse in Mississippi that will take your business to the next level of success!

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